Greyspot Data

  • 22% of all customer data is thought to be incorrect.
  • Is the key data you need is being entered?
  • How healthy is your database?
  • Where do you start with data quality?

Greyspot Digital Marketing can help you. We can help where may need help establishing database rules, analyse the quality of data being entered daily by your users and reviewing your existing database to identify GDPR compliance issues, data duplication and key areas to improve data quality.

Inline with GDPR regulations we can assist you with identifying what data you can and cannot keep. We can assist you with keeping that all important data cleansed on a regular or one off basis and giving you a functional, useful database suited to your needs. Improve your retention rates, returns on marketing campaigns and have useful, usable data. Call us and tell us your requirements. Subject to your data storage method we can access your data direct, or you send us your data for analysis over our secure file transfer

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